Author: Scott Westerfeld

Publisher: Razorbill (2005)

I know, talk about a Scott Westerfeld obsession. What can I say? When I like an author, I support his/her work.

Cal Thompson is a peep (parasite-positive which is a nice way of saying vampire). He works for the Night Watch and is trying to track down his progenitor (and first!). Then he meets Lacey, who resides in the apartment building his maker used to inhabit. Cal, who became a peep through unprotected sex and is infected for life, of course falls in love with Lacey as he investigates the underground burrows of this building. When he finally comes face to face with his sire, he learns why he was infected and the parasite’s purpose. Continue reading “Peeps”



December is halfway done (and the year is almost gone!) and I have not had many new posts. For any loyal followers, I apologize. Life gets in the way. And working six-day weeks doesn’t help either. I don’t even have the energy to hang out with my friends and I’m going to have the energy […]