The Uglies


Author: Scott Westerfeld

Published by: Simon Pulse (2005)

Tally Youngblood wants to be pretty. But it’s because she’s about to turn sixteen and everyone in her world turns pretty at the same age. After performing a trick in New Pretty Town, she meets Shay, the girl who could care less about turning pretty. When Shay invites Tally to run away with her to The Smoke, the Special Circumstances are involved and Tally learns that turning pretty, changes you forever.

Never hearing that much buzz about this series until I met a YA lover (check out her blog here) who went on and on about Scott Westerfeld and Suzanne Collins (reading that trilogy next), I decided to pick this book up. Additionally, a fellow book club member recently read the trilogy and raved about the world. When I saw the premise, I immediately thought of The Giver by Lois Lowry because they all turn pretty at the same age just like everyone receives a bike at the same age and is also assigned their occupation at thirteen for the rest of their lives.

This story was an interesting look at the way this society functions solely based on beauty and how this is a reflection of our society today. Although not as extreme where pretty and “ugly” people living in separate towns but man, too close for comfort.

The writing works for a young adult novel and much better written than any Stephanie Meyer novel (but that’s just me).

A solid read from beginning to end; once you start, you cannot put the book down. With a first line like, “The early summer sky was the color of cat vomit,” how can you not get into this story?

Looking forward to the next in the series, Pretties!


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