The Uglies

Author: Scott Westerfeld Published by: Simon Pulse (2005) Tally Youngblood wants to be pretty. But it’s because she’s about to turn sixteen and everyone in her world turns pretty at the same age. After performing a trick in New Pretty Town, she meets Shay, the girl who could care less about turning pretty. When Shay […]

Black, White, and Jewish

Author: Rebecca Walker Published by: Riverhead Books (2001) Rebecca is the product of a biracial and bicoastal home. In her memoir, she recounts her sexual experiences, her identity crisis (is she white, Jewish, or black?), and everything in between. What is missing in her memoir are the spaces in between – there weren’t enough instances […]

Bad Behavior

BadBehaviorGaitskillAuthor: Mary Gaitskill

Published by: Vintage (1989)

I very rarely read short story collections in succession as I did this one. There was a common thread in her stories – a certain uncomfortable quality that made the ready queasy or “dirty” after reading them. The characters weren’t likable, there wasn’t even one protagonist that one sided with – they were all different aspects of deviance. Continue reading “Bad Behavior”

Waiting for Superman

Edited by: Karl Weber Published by: Participant Media (2010) As a companion to the documentary, Waiting for Superman, this book discusses public education from the filmmakers’ perspective, policy makers, officials, administrators, and teachers as well as parents view of the state of education now and what should be fixed in the system. There were suggestions […]


I started the National Novel Writing Month on the first. I started with one idea and then went off and did something totally different. I am satisfied with what I’m writing about though so I don’t feel as if I shafted myself. What I’ve been slacking off on is the discipline to sit down and […]