NaNoWriMo and things…

Sunday afternoon after a night of celebrating my single pad living situation (yes, I had an “I Live Alone” party and I’m so not looking for a roommate), I nursed a mild hangover and forced myself to trek into Manhattan to write with a fellow writer (one of the co-workers I befriended who’s also a writer) at Union Square’s Barnes and Noble.

After about close to a month without writing one word of fiction (I’ve been adding entries to my horror blog – The Horror Thrill Factor instead), I wrote a prompt from the A Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves (read my blog post here about it) and my creative juices were flowing again. The reason for my lack of writing was pure busyness – family visiting, adjusting to a work sleeping schedule, starting a running class, adjusting my social calender and everything in between. Now that I’ve returned back to the swing of things, I’m ready to make writing mandatory – even if I write a prompt for fifteen minutes, it’s better than not writing at all.

With creative energy flowing back and forth, I wrote down ideas for my National Novel Writing Month story and I’m so excited to delve into the horror genre. I’ve never experimented much with horror because I worship the king of horror (ya’ll know I’m talkin’ ’bout my man, Stephen) and he writes horror books like nobody’s business. But with Halloween on the horizon, writing more blog posts for my horror blog, I was inspired to create my own tale of terror.

When I start writing next week, it’ll be a little crazy but I love it! It’ll be like putting myself through a month of writing hell (and heaven) because I’ll be in this world for a looong time.

I’m so glad I came out of my cocoon and wrote. If it weren’t for my co-worker, I would have stayed home and watched movies or DVR’d TV. Thank goodness for the camaraderie of writers. 🙂


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