The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Curious Dog Author: Mark Haddon

Published by: Doubleday (2002)

I read this as a selection of a book club I’m a part of. Another friend suggested I read this book but, you know how that goes, “Yeah, I’ll read it one day,” because I’m the freak that has a queue of books to read like Netflix.

This tale is about an fifteen-year old autistic boy called Christopher Boone. He lives with his father and is investigating the death of Wellington, the next door neighbor’s dog. His mother, we learn, has died of a heart attack two years prior; he misses her but doesn’t dwell on this much. Because Christopher reads a great deal, he wants to emulate Sherlock Holmes and discover who murdered Wellington. Then his father is upset by this whole ordeal. Soon after, Christopher uncovers Wellington’s murderer and the real fate of his mum in the process.

The book is written completely in Christopher’s voice; the voice was consistent throughout. There were some sections of the novel that were observationally acute in the way some folks think but specifically, Christopher.

A book written that reveals what it’s like for folks with this condition and how they function; at times touching, poignant, and frustrating, this book had the goods. I wholeheartedly recommend it. Go out and read it!


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