How do you connect with other writers?

At work, I overheard two co-workers discussing writing and I was reading a book as they conversed. I didn’t want to sound like a know it all because I’ve taken workshops, worked in publishing, blog, completed a novel, written short stories, and am familiar with the life of a writer without the publication bragging rights.

I sat there, excited, because I wanted to share my insight and experience so badly but I held this all inside because I had no idea how I would come across to them. One girl writes sporadically and has taken one writing workshop while the other co-worker self-published a trilogy (I believe; I was eavesdropping after all) without having taken a writing workshop in his life!

I see these folks every day and this would be a great way to make a connection with my co-workers, especially since I don’t know anyone at my current temporary job now. I don’t have the slightest clue how to speak up because I am so knowledgeable about it all.

How do writers connect outside of the writing community (like at work)?

*Update (10/7/10): I have since connected with these folks and it was so easy to do! Once you step out of your comfort zone, everything else falls in place. 🙂


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