Writing with homies

When I was in high school, I had a writing friend. She was writing a fictionalized account about her experience with a crush while I…can’t even recall if I was writing as much as she was.

Now that I am not participating in a writing workshop, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I proposed an idea in which we would get together, write (like with my other writing workshop) and then catch up. She gave me a book called Free Within Ourselves: Fiction Lessons for Black Authors as a birthday gift years ago. I started reading the book about four years ago and never completed every exercise. This time around, I will fulfill my goal of reading this book from cover to cover – just like I did with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way three years ago.

I’m on the right track to accomplishing my goals  – one step at a time.

Having a buddy/partner always helps especially with such a solitary activity.

As I write this, I tingle with excitement because I can’t wait to make these meetings commonplace.

I’ll never forget what one of my Gotham instructors said to us; he never bothered to connect with other writers and did his own thing. Here’s what didn’t work for him – that lack of connection! He published a book with pictures in them but no one knows about it! I can see how some writers don’t publish or write for the fame, but if you don’t put the word out, then you are just writing for yourself. Marketing is key here. I know this and I’m not published yet.

I think about his comment and do the opposite. Everything one does in the job market has to do with networking and connections (depending on industry). Make friends, be supportive, and don’t be afraid to ask for constructive criticism. Supportive friends who write or read are so important to have in this industry. If you don’t have someone else read your work but you, how the frak will you know your a) audience and b) if your ideas are good?

Writing with homies are awesome! Will report back with great news soon. 🙂


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