My Purpose on this Planet

While I was attending NYU, I took an Interviewing Strategies class in which part of our final project we had to complete the following sentence on an index card: “My purpose on this planet…”

I wrote:

“I think my goal is to work in the entertainment industry. I’m aware of the saturation of it all but I enjoy consuming it all shamelessly. I intend on becoming a movie critic in the future in which I am able to express my views on films in an objective matter as well as tasteful as I can without completely bashing the movie senseless until there’s nothing there. I love to write so I want to do anything that involves writing except for journalism. Journalism is too strict for my tastes and does not allow me to be free with my opinions.”

Seems like every time I look to the past to tell me something about my future, it is always crystal clear. It’s interesting that I found this recently because I’ve never given up my dream of becoming a film critic (I write my own reviews in a small notebook after every movie I watch) but with the popularity of blogging, I don’t see the insane urgency to go out there and create a movie blog. I have a horror film blog that I have all but abandoned (I’ll add to it soon enough). There are so many people providing their own opinions on films all the time in the blogosphere. I’m still honing my own voice here. I can practice with the horror blog and go from there. One step at a time.

Universe – you are talking to me everyday. 🙂


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