Blockade Billy

Author: Stephen King

Published by: Scribner (2010)

King’s latest work of fiction consisted of a novella titled, “Blockade Billy” and the short story, “Morality.”

Not being a baseball fan, there was much terminology, slang, and basics of the game I couldn’t grasp or was interested in learning about. However, the story, “Blockade Billy,” will entertain lovers and non-lovers of baseball alike because King never only writes about one subject. We meet William Blakely, who is from Iowa, and a damn good ball player. When one of the players is nicked on his ankle during a game with Blakely on the mound, one of the coaches becomes suspicious of the kid. The story contains typical King suspense, which was an absolute pleasure.

The other story in this short collection is titled, “Morality,” in which a married couple do something unthinkable for $200,000.

After devouring this book in four days, I was left chilled, the way most of King’s work leaves me. I’ve missed reading his work and I can’t wait to re-visit the old King and contemporary, like these stories.

Upon more reflection of this story, I was reminded why I enjoy his work so much. He takes a mundane aspect of life and turns the thing on its head – and he does this masterfully (most times, other times, not so much)! When I read his latest, his words flowed over me like a warm blanket on a cold winter night or a warm cup of hot cocoa after coming in from a rainstorm. His work is the constant in my life. King’s still got it!


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