Eat, Pray, Love

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Published by: Penguin (2006)

Elizabeth Gilbert is tired of being married because she’s in her thirties and her biological clock is not even close to ticking. After a devastating divorce, she takes pleasure in Italy for a few months, finds peace in India and falls in love in Indonesia. The last part was unexpected for her but she was ready for it after her heart had been broken.

I watched the movie prior to reading this and goodness, did the screenwriters of the picture take liberties with the source material. I think the movie did make Liz Gilbert a much more likable person but there were so many things changed!

As for what I thought about this memoir, I enjoyed going through this journey with Liz. There were parts I couldn’t wait for to end (India was so long and I understood the purpose of the section, really I did, but I wasn’t necessarily interested in taking that trip into crazy meditation with her because its not something I strive to do in my life, my preference) and at the end, when she finally gave in, I was as happy for her as she was. I’m considering reading her follow up, Committed but not involved enough that I have to read this book NOW.

Liz Gilbert shared herself with the world – just about every section of her life with us – and her vulnerability makes her so strong for it. The writing was witty (sometimes she was corny but endearing) and very engaging. I understood why the book is a bestseller and why the story was turned into a film. However, for non-narrative works (especially memoirs like this), I never agree with the film adaptations because the essence of the tale is befuddled when it changes mediums. But that’s just me. Sometimes, the medium is the message in this case.

Liz’s story is an inspiration for what my story holds for me in the future. How will I share my story with the world and when I do, how many people will respond to it the way people did with Liz? We shall find out soon enough! Thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert, for sharing! 🙂


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