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The Host

Author: Stephanie Meyer

Published by: Little, Brown, and Company (2008)

Not knowing a thing about Stephanie Meyer and the Twilight series until 2008 (when Breaking Dawn was released), I bought this book in hardcover edition.

Since I take a long time reading novels, I started this one (it’s about 600 pages) in October of 2009 (because Halloween was around the corner) but I didn’t finish until this month (September). The book took me a long time to read because it was long, in hardcover, and I was reading other books.

However, when I made the decision to buckle down and read only this, I was in for a thrill ride!

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I recently obtained employment doing manual labor – but not like construction or anything like that – but I am certainly not sitting for eight hours.

I’m glad that I have found a job (even though it may be temporary) but I wonder how much my work will suffer. I wrote the beginnings of a story based on this online conversation I had the other night but I didn’t have the energy to continue.

When I got home from work, I was so tired, I barely managed to keep my eyes open; I was beat.

I thought about my energy level and if it would be any different if I were a receptionist or administrative assistant at a big corporate company. Would I be more tired or energized? I can’t answer that question so I won’t ponder the matter any further.

The fact that I am writing here after a long day of hard work means I won’t let “life” get in the way of writing. I just proved myself wrong, again.

When I start writing this story, I’ll be on fire!


Do you feel sometimes like you have so much stimulation you don’t know where to start? You’re bombarded with so many ideas that you are pulled in five million different directions for the beginning of a story? Or you’re compelled to try so hard to write something inspirational or a story with significance?

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State of Mind

I was fall cleaning and uncovering pieces of paper with words and ideas for stories. I also found pictures, letters, and birthday cards from friends (I don’t throw anything away and maybe I should!).

In unearthing all of these materials, I was able to get rid of the pay stubs from three years ago and discovered bits of random notes that I can use for my future stories.

Unfortunately, right now I’m in home improvement mode. I’m turning my old bedroom into a study and I need a bookcase, a desk, and other neat office type furniture. I have overlooked my artistic duties to write (not even a prompt!) and instead have lost myself in Buffy and Angel episodes.

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My Purpose on this Planet

While I was attending NYU, I took an Interviewing Strategies class in which part of our final project we had to complete the following sentence on an index card: “My purpose on this planet…”

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Reading like a maniac

My book club and the mountain of books in my room have me constantly reading. As ya’ll who read my blog regularly know, I completed three books in the past week! I’m on a roll and it feels so good!

I have to be careful though. I find myself rushing through the words like I’m in a race to finish as many books as I can this year. This is true but I’m reading like mad so I can enjoy the content and also be exposed to different writing styles; I don’t want this competition with myself to deter me from actually enjoying these books.

Recently, I read the short story, “Secretary,” written by Mary Gaitskill and at first read, I absolutely hated it. The character was completely unlikeable, she didn’t change at the end, and she stayed in the same place she was in the beginning – no arc, no nothing. After the story sat with me for a day, I was able to appreciate what Gaitskill painted in her tale. For one thing, the collection is titled Bad Behavior for a reason; I had an icky sensation after reading “Daisy’s Valentine” and “Secretary” which is why I hated this book for a full five minutes (maybe less, maybe more, I’m unsure) then this loathing went away. What place does the writer have to be in to create such depressing characters? I’m not hating on Gaitskill, I’m lauding her with the praise she’s received for her writing. The way she made me feel had me rushing to take a cleansing hot shower; now that’s deep. The reaction I had to her story was enough to show me this is what writers do – sometimes the stories stay with you and sometimes, they don’t.

Will I be able to create stories like her? I hope so.

As for writing styles, I’m reading memoirs, literary and contemporary fiction to get an idea of what I like and what I’d like to write. After reading King’s Blockade Billy, I realized how much his writing has affected my own work; the journey to find my voice has begun and I’m so excited to perfect it.

This is why reading like a maniac is absolutely amazing. 🙂

Blockade Billy

Author: Stephen King

Published by: Scribner (2010)

King’s latest work of fiction consisted of a novella titled, “Blockade Billy” and the short story, “Morality.”

Not being a baseball fan, there was much terminology, slang, and basics of the game I couldn’t grasp or was interested in learning about. However, the story, “Blockade Billy,” will entertain lovers and non-lovers of baseball alike because King never only writes about one subject. We meet William Blakely, who is from Iowa, and a damn good ball player. When one of the players is nicked on his ankle during a game with Blakely on the mound, one of the coaches becomes suspicious of the kid. The story contains typical King suspense, which was an absolute pleasure.

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