What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Author: Haruki Murakami

Published by: Vintage International (2009)

Murakami has run marathons for about twenty years and this book are his musings during marathon training. He seamlessly discusses the life of a writer and how running every morning aids his writing process.

When a writer friend suggested this book to me, I said to myself, “When I read this book, I’m going to train again.”

After the completion of Murakami’s memoir, I am focused on my goal to complete a full marathon. This year I am not eligible to run in the ING NYC marathon but I am going to join a running class to keep me motivated.

Diligence, determination, and discipline: three tools prominent in Murakami’s memoir that I can use to be successful in both my writing practice and marathon training.

This book can appeal to everyone because apart from being a memoir about running and writing, it’s also a memoir about Murakami’s life (well, a part of his life). He’s witty, honest, and candid about his running and writing career; his forthrightness is respectable because he’s not trying to be anyone he’s not – just himself.

I devoured this book in two weeks (or less, I think which is a record for me because distractions come up often for me) and it’s a pretty small book.

Anyone interested in Murakami, reading, writing, or memoirs, pick the book up. You will not be disappointed.


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