Last night, I put myself out there and had my writing workshop critique the first piece of new fiction I’d written since last year.

I was nerve-wracked but expecting the best. Expressing myself on the page was the best feeling in the world.

As I sat and listened to the supportive and constructive feedback, the cramps in my stomach subsided; I didn’t write a piece of crap! I was absolutely relieved.

I know I’ll never be subjected to the kind of criticism I received from that one friend (who was scathing and he was my friend!) so any comments I’ll receive from my writer colleagues will not sting me close to the damage that friend caused.  This workshop was extremely useful and helpful; I want to start revising for the next round! Next month, I’m taking another short story workshop at FDCAC next month and maybe even a non-fiction class (if I can afford it).

I am grateful and thankful for my creativity, the writers I’ve encountered (and will encounter), the writers I’m reading, and my writing colleagues. They inspire me to move forward, be truthful, and most importantly, receive constructive feedback.

I love my life right now.


2 responses to “Criticism

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better about your writing 🙂 Criticism, when done well and constructively, can be really helpful. It can make you see that you’re not writing crap but also how you can improve your story.
    Enjoy the courses 🙂

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