Every time I sit down to write something, I start yawning. My body wants to sleep or is signaling me to turn off the computer so I can put off putting the words on the page.

As soon as I overcome the yawning fit (four or five in a row), the yawning subsides and I’m able to write briskly and with precision.

What is it about doing something that you love that you can be lazy about doing sometimes? I do this to myself all the time and wonder, “How will I ever get anything accomplished this way?” but I do, as I showed myself last weekend when I completed my short story in a few hours (of course with many breaks in between).

Every writer has their process. For this writer, turning on my laptop at night makes me work better than turning it on first thing in the morning. I’m a night owl; I cannot deny this. The trick is to plow through the yawning before it becomes my writing demise.


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