To Donate or Sell

I’m reading a book by Stephanie Meyer and the writing is absolutely atrocious (The Host). It’s about 600 pages but I’m so involved (mostly because I own it) and once I’m done with the thing, it’s leaving my home in one form or another.

The book is in great condition. Is it worth to sell it or should I just donate it? With the popularity of e-book readers, what will the old school readers of physical books do with their books? Will the books all be donated to the library/the local goodwill store or sold online? Or be traded using How long will this website be applicable? Will every reader eventually own an e-book reader and have no need for their physical books?

I’m unsure how to approach getting rid of books I don’t want to own any longer. I own a significant amount of books (and I keep buying more!) so I like to weed out the ones I no longer care for. The question is, how? I don’t just throw books out in the trash, especially if they are still in great condition, I mostly donate to the library. But if the books are in perfect condition, why not make some profit selling them? How much money is available in selling your gently used books in the paperless world we’re creating and living in?



4 responses to “To Donate or Sell


    I truly believe that “physical” books will never go out of style, completely…

    Even vinyl recordings make a comeback…from time to time.

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