Tales from the Tunnel

On Sunday night, I watched the Off-Broadway play, Tales from the Tunnel written and directed by Troy Diana and James Valletti. The title is self-explanatory.

Tales ranged from poignant to hilarious in the same breath.

The actors were outstanding; Vayu O’Donnell embodied every single role he took on – brilliant actor – I know he will go far.

The stage lit up every time Geri Brown took the stage with her MTA attendant stories; I looked forward to her appearance.

Carla Corvo’s accents were absolutely phenomenal – especially the Eastern European woman who kept telling Farah Bala’s character “she should kyck hur ahss.”

Wilson Jermaine Heredia’s take on the Dominican family man who plays an accordion and trumpet, trying to make extra money on the side, was entertaining and colorful. Every time the character was on stage, I wanted to learn more about his character and of course, more of him.

Farah Bala’s portrayal of the Indian woman who was a victim of racism was incredible; the performance was more emotional filled than when I saw the play as a part of The New York International Fringe Festival last year. Absolutely excellent.

And the new edition of Brandon Jones to the cast added a new level of authenticity to the cast.

The ensemble cast work well together; their chemistry was seamless.

For some good entertainment, watch Tales From the Tunnel. It’s a fine way to spend your Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening after a long week of traveling on the subway. It’s a tale you won’t forget.


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