MFA Deadlines

I calculated that the majority of my choices’ deadlines are actually next year. However, I’m an early bird. Last year, I sent out all my applications around December. Additionally, I was on vacation for the majority of December so I had no choice. This time around, I’m wondering if I should take my time with my manuscript per application. I’m not applying to seven again like last year. Plus, most of them are in my city so the applications won’t take forever to reach their destination. The applications that will travel are the low residency programs I’m applying to.

I started my excel sheet for materials like in the MFA Handbook. What I don’t have are my recommenders. I have two in mind but I need to figure out how many each school wants. If it’s only two, I’m good. If I need a third, this will be difficult. I’ll make it happen somehow.

How are first, second, or third-timers handling the MFA application process now?


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