How to Cook Your Daughter

Author: Jessica Hendra with Blake Morrison

Published by: HarperCollins Publishers (2005)

Jessica Hendra recounts her tale of surviving childhood sexual abuse from her father,well-known satirist Tony Hendra. The book starts in action: her father’s book, Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul is published and upon a friend mentioning the reviews about the book, she reads the book herself. Then all those painful memories flood back as she writes an Op-Ed piece to The New York Times about the missing sections from her father’s book.

The majority of the book takes the readers through a journey through her rebellious teenage years to her struggling with eating disorders as an adult.

A poignant and biting tale about a woman dealing with the repercussions of her sexual abuse and how she finally became a survivor, no longer a victim of the abuser.

The story’s tone is very matter-of-fact which works for someone whose development was affected by such early childhood trauma. Jessica Hendra’s story makes it easier for all the victims and survivors of sexual abuse to no longer stay silent and say something. Even if the story is years after the fact, the truth will truly set you free.


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