Author: Nicole Braddock Bromley

Published by Moody Publishers (2007)

The author of this book discusses her journey from the effects of her sexual abuse to healing through the love of God. Her stepfather sexually abused her and when confronted with the repercussions, commits suicide. Nicole starts junior high school with this on her mind but she gets through it with the support of her mother, new stepfather, and God.

The book was an emotional read throughout, however, the religious aspects were intrusive for the non-religious. The only way to get through something this painful is if I believe that Jesus loves me? I get it; she’s a religious person but for those who are not in the least bit, believing in the love of Jesus is not enough to overcome the long term effects of sexual abuse.

As a sexual abuse survivor, I found this book to be enlightening and the beginning to true healing. Time will heal my wounds but this is a beginning and for that, I thank Nicole for telling her story. Telling her story has given me the strength to tell mine too.


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