Christopher Pike’s Vampire

Remember that favorite teen author of mine I thought wasn’t remembered by folks other than my generation? Well, turns out the majority of his novels are being re-issued by Simon Pulse and now teens are being introduced to his work! This is exciting news! And on top of that, he’s still writing furiously with more works in the future. Which brings me to…

Christopher Pike wrote six novels about The Last Vampire which have all been re-released. According to an interview on The Christopher Pike Fan Club website, Pike has written a new set of stories for the series. He mentioned these books are much better than the former. I hope so because I couldn’t even get through book three – the writing did not hold well up for me. The story was fun and fascinating but I could not continue.

There’s more here! According to, The Last Vampire will be a big screen movie. All this Twilight madness has made vampires fun again (which is good for Christopher Pike) and I hope whoever writes the script does Pike’s content justice. Additionally, the director and production team. Dates have not been announced yet which means it’ll be another year or so until we’ll hear more about this project.

Here’s to Christopher Pike and all his successes! Before Stephen King, I was all about Christopher Pike all the way and I’m so happy he’s still around!

Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.

For anyone who’s not familiar with his work – adult or young adult – I’d suggest picking up Remember Me (young adult) which reads well for adults. I recently re-read this story last year and this is definitely a book that gets better with every reading. I’ve got Pike fever! And soon you will too!


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