3 Day Novel Contest

One of my fellow intern colleagues (who I found out is currently enrolled in a MFA program at Adelphi College on the island of long) mentioned this 3 Day Contest that happens every year around Labor Day weekend.

Being a veteran of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) that takes place every November across the country, I had to research this contest.

I found the website and saw there was a contest fee. $50 bucks to write for three days? I’m so broke and I’m unemployed; I can’t afford $50 bucks for that. Well, then again, I did just purchase three books about writing (see? I can’t stop myself from buying books especially when I say I’m going to stop) the other day so I’m considering the contest.

There are prizes for first, second, and third place. The contest is based in Canada and you have to print out your story, send it, then you will receive a certificate stating you have completed the 3 Day Novel Contest. This is similar to NaNoWriMo where you can print out your own certificate and post a badge on any of your online websites to let people know you completed a novel in 30 days.

The more I write about this contest, the more enrolled I am in actually doing this over the course of three days. The coolest thing about this contest is you can write an outline prior to the contest so you’re not going in there crazily. Well, the point is to see where your creativity takes you with a very short outline; the possibilities are endless!

I’m not completely committing to this contest but I’m considering this seriously.

What about ya’ll? Who’s going to try this?


2 responses to “3 Day Novel Contest

  1. I did the 3-Day Novel Writing Contest last year, “unofficially,” as I didn’t want to spend $50 to participate. But I did observe the deadlines and wrote an entire novel in 3 days. It wasn’t very good, but it was definitely a fun writing exercise! You can read about my experience at Fuel Your Writing (http://www.fuelyourwriting.com/the-3-day-novel-contest-one-writers-experience/) if you’re interested.

    • I’m thinking of doing it on my own as well, like you. I’m unemployed and the thought of spending $50 on a contest when I can use that on groceries just doesn’t feel right or fiscally responsible. I’m going to outline somewhat. How’d it go for you? I looked to see the result and couldn’t find it.

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