Owning books

I love reading and I love books. I stopped voluntarily purchasing books recently because I have no space for them. However, it seems like I continue inheriting books that are either donated or purchased cheap books for $.50 to $1.00. Who can beat that?

I must stop this because I honestly do not have any place to put anymore books. I don’t even have a bookcase or shelves. I’m looking for a big enough bookcase to house all the books I own and then some. Once I figure out exactly how many books I do own (and want to continue owning, especially after I’ve read them), then I’ll consider buying more books.

At the moment, I’m using Library Thing to gauge how many books I truly own. Currently, my library is up to 76 books on the website. I have so much more than 76 books in my library so this number is completely inaccurate.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and wonder when I’ll find the time to read my books. I watch a large amount of recorded TV, movies, and I’m extremely social. How does one make time to read all the books they own?

I have to make it happen because if I don’t stop collecting books, my room will be books and nothing else.

Oh to be a reader…


2 responses to “Owning books

  1. You suffer from book-itis. A condition I am also afflicted with 😉 I have far too many books to get through, and I still manage to acquire more and more! I suppose the Kindle eradicates that problem, but the sight of a bookshelf laden with kindles doesn’t quite do it for me. 😉
    Best wishes,

    • bkwriter4life

      I know! I am part of a book club (I don’t buy the books because, well, you know) and I take books out of the library. But somehow, I keep acquiring more Free books! And as for the Kindle, not completely sold yet. Plus, it’s pricey. But yeah, love me my books.
      Cheers and thanks for visiting! 🙂

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