Cocky unpublished authors

Last week at my internship, the first few lines of a query letter read like this:

“I have no desire to permanently join your current stable of writers. I have written this one novel and I’ve said everything that I care to say within it.”

Who sends this to a literary agent? Who does this? Is this person seriously thinking he will receive a response from the agent? I was shocked and wondered how so many unpublished authors can be so cocky.

There is a certain assertiveness and confidence that writers should have with their writing but there should be a balance when they want an agent in order to be published!

This isn’t the first I’ve read. Others have discussed profits upfront and other madness.

The best advice for authors is to be humble; no one likes to deal with arrogant people, especially those that don’t have anything to show for being arrogant.

Be easy and be humble. If you get a super big fat advance, then there’s a little room to be overconfident but that’s after you get in the door. Make a good first impression. Publishing is a very small world.


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