So You Think You Can Dance

Guilty as charged! This is my summer obsession. Apart from the fact I love dancing, I also love watching this show. Watching it motivates me to work harder and better at my craft.

When Nigel, Mia, and Adam critique those dancers on their technique, it’s as if they are providing feedback to me. Most of the time I agree and sometimes I disagree. But either way, I’m participating actively because I’m always thinking of myself and how I would benefit from critical feedback as these judges provide.

With only eight dancers left, I have my favorites (Alex, Jose, Kent) and I connect more with Jose because I feel like him. I got the passion, the drive, the technique I’m still learning, and I’m willing to try new things with my writing all the time. I’m always learning something new – even if the result doesn’t always work out.

Dancing I do for fun, but writing is my passion. When I watch this show, I’m watching myself compete and I am excited about my future.

I see writing everywhere! Does this mean I’m a writer, yet?


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