My Teacher is an Alien

Author: Bruce Coville

Published by: Pocket Books (1989)

Susan Simmons arrives to Kennituck Falls Elementary, first day of 6th grade, expecting to see Ms. Schwartz. Her principal informs her a Mr. Smith will be taking over for her.

At the end of the first day, she passes a note to her friend about how much she doesn’t like Mr. Smith, which is mistakenly passed in to Mr. Smith with schoolwork. Her plan? To get the note back from his house.

She follows him home and finds out, Mr. Smith is actually an alien named Broxholm who wants to kidnap some of her classmates to study them!

The next day she recruits Peter Thompson, the class nerd and lover of science fiction novels, to help un-mask Mr. Smith.

When they visit his home again, they find Ms. Schwartz in a force field in which Peter’s response is, “Mr. Smith is an alien! Mankind is not alone in the universe.”

You can guess how else this turns out (or not) but written in Susan’s point of view consistently, this story was full of chuckle worthy moments, especially Peter’s fascination with the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

This was a quick, throwback read. I don’t even remember the first time I read this! I might have read the others in the series.

Funny, witty, and very clever, this book is suitable for all ages.


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