July 4th

For Independence Day, I decided to spend the day at Coney Island. I cannot recall the last time I went to visit and had been meaning to go in a very long time.

First stop: the Coney Island Aquarium. This visit was inspiring, fun, and delightful. We watched a sea lion show, sharks, jellyfish, walruses, plankton, and more. My first thoughts after exiting? I want to own fish; I don’t want to eat them anymore.

They were absolutely adorable and lovable. Why do people eat these fish? Well, I know why but I am going to look into owning fishes or just one nice, colorful fish.

Second stop: the famous Cyclone. As a New Yorker, I was ashamed that I had never been on this ride before. Luckily, I was riding with a newbie as well, as it was her first time even visiting Coney Island so that was kool. The ride had amazing dips (I’m a sucker for rollercoaster rides; I love them!) but on the up, very bumpy and rocky. The ride gave me and my friend a headache because it was all over the place. My thoughts? Six Flags Great Adventure is so much better than this. Off my list of things to do.

Third stop: the Coney Island Freakshow. Super duper kool, right? Our host’s name was Donnie Vomit. His act consisted of hammering a nail and drilling into his nose. The rest consisted of a sexy woman swallowing swords, fire, and blowing fire into the air. Not to mention another woman who danced with a snake and the British man with short arms who can play a mean snare. My thoughts? I’ve got to come back and maybe write some of this stuff down! What a story I can create about the people who do this stuff!

Last stop: Sheapshead Bay. My other friend, who joined us later, took us to another section of Brooklyn where there are swans in the lake and we walked through gorgeous residential areas of this section. I didn’t realize how beautiful my borough was. We ate at El Greco Diner, which wasn’t amazing but decent and had a pleasant walk to the Neptune Avenue stop on the F train. My thoughts? Brooklyn is Awesome!

I love my borough and I’m so glad I chose to do something else other than find a roof to watch the July 4th fireworks. Don’t get me wrong; I like watching fireworks as much as the next person but each year has been lackluster for me. I never remember the fireworks the day after and the day is always a wash because I end up scrambling my plans for thirty minutes of fireworks. Today was different and I have inspiration to write a story about burning my feet in the sand today or the frenetic energy at the beach.

Everything can be written into a story. This is what being a writer is all about.

Looking forward to next July 4th. I’m going to make it as memorable as this year’s. 🙂


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