Gloomy to Bright

My day started out well enough; I took the remaining two lessons from my driving school package prior to my road test at two p.m. After a shaky ninety minutes, I waited another ninety minutes to be driven to the road test site in Astoria, Queens. The sky turned gray and the rain drops fell […]


Author: Nicole Braddock Bromley

Published by Moody Publishers (2007)

The author of this book discusses her journey from the effects of her sexual abuse to healing through the love of God. Her stepfather sexually abused her and when confronted with the repercussions, commits suicide. Nicole starts junior high school with this on her mind but she gets through it with the support of her mother, new stepfather, and God. Continue reading “Hush”

Christopher Pike’s Vampire

Remember that favorite teen author of mine I thought wasn’t remembered by folks other than my generation? Well, turns out the majority of his novels are being re-issued by Simon Pulse and now teens are being introduced to his work! This is exciting news! And on top of that, he’s still writing furiously with more […]

Books on Writing

When I read Stephen King’s On Writing last year, my writing improved so much! Then I stopped reading books on writing. I wrote and read novels instead. Stephen King mentioned that we as writers need to just write. But then I took writing classes and there were always great suggestions of books to own about […]

3 Day Novel Contest

One of my fellow intern colleagues (who I found out is currently enrolled in a MFA program at Adelphi College on the island of long) mentioned this 3 Day Contest that happens every year around Labor Day weekend. Being a veteran of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) that takes place every November across the […]

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Author: Patrick Suskind

Published by: Vintage Books (1986)

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille was born unwanted, non-smelling, and with the sense of smell a perfumer would die for. Bouncing from orphanage to tannery, Grenouille learns how to use his acute sense of smell to make perfume at a young age. He becomes the apprentice of Baldini, a hack of a perfumer, and learns the procedures to mix scents. After almost dying, he comes out alive and moves forward – living in a cave for seven years. When he re-emerges, he is taken in by a mad scientist then works at another perfume shop where he creates scents for himself and creates the best scent in the world – to be loved – which proves to be too much at the end. Continue reading “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”