Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center

Marcela Landres suggested I check out the writing workshops at the Frederick Douglass  Creative Arts Center in Upper Manhattan (96th street). After she told me to “write better” without reading my writing, I collected myself, swallowed the criticism and made the decision to take a workshop. My ego did take a blow but my MFA submission wasn’t amazing; I can’t front.This Saturday, there will be an open house from 3-7 pm in which prospective students can meet their future workshop instructors and also sign up for the classes there. The writing classes run for 8 weeks and the cost is a mere $200 (cheaper than both Sackett Street and Gotham). Acting, screenwriting, and playwriting classes are also available, all for the same price. Pretty sweet, huh?

I will be attending this open house on Saturday and I look forward to putting myself in a new environment. Additionally, there will be a guest speaker (not revealed on the website) so hopefully, the person will be a pleasant surprise.

As always, I will provide a play by play of the day’s events.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

*Posting an update as of 9/29/14: Unfortunately this incredible program no longer exists. However, to study with some of the great instructors, look up Laura Pegram, the editor in chief of Kweli Journal who was the only instructor I had when I was there. I’m sad it doesn’t exist but I’m sure there are more writing communities for people of color in NYC.


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