I understand the economy is bad, publishing is a very competitive industry, and the unemployment rate is 8.3% (dropped actually and much less than the national rate of 9.3%) but this should in no way be a reason to justify paying an employee $300 a week for four days. Do the math. Who can live on that kind of salary in New York City? I’m completely discounting those who live at home with their parents because those are the only ones who can afford this kind of salary in New York City!

I have been actively seeking employment in different industries and have calculated the salary I will be able to survive on in this city. I came across a Craigslist posting and was incensed a company would think $300 a week would be sufficient as a salary to live in New York City. There are so many jobs out there that do pay more but the foot in the door is the problem. This posting wasn’t the first; I saw jobs paying $10 an hour, $11 an hour and less. Maybe I’m used to being paid more or maybe my expenses are higher than most (probably the same) but those wages are a joke.

With that said, is it really worth it to be paid almost nothing to work in an industry that you may or may not be passionate about anymore (i.e. me)? I think not.

Even though I am seeking employment in the publishing industry, I will not be paid chump change as if I’m some broke ass college student. I haven’t been a college student in six years! Seriously, that drives me crazy.

I have declared that I will be employed in 30 days. Since I have declared it, then it shall be.

Until then, on to applying jobs I go!


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