Waves talk to me

I was sitting on Agrari beach in Mykonos, Greece and my mind became clear. I was struggling with the possibility of an upcoming job opportunity that has absolutely nothing to do with publishing and still pursuing a career in the industry. My traveling companion told me, “You are all over the place, girl!”

Upon the comment, I set the thoughts aside and didn’t revisit until I was on the beach. I talked to the waves and said, “Speak to me. Tell me what to do.” In times of indecision, I listen to the universe because when you ask, you receive a response.

As the waves pulled and tugged their way to me, calmly and smoothly they said, “Go with the flow. If you get this job, take it and continue on your MFA tract. If you don’t get the job, continue seeking vacancies in publishing. Either road works for you.”

After that, my worries and concerns dissolved; it was as if I put my indecision in a bottle and threw them out to the Aegean Sea.

I am much more calmer and peaceful. This trip has been amazing and has made me more introspective than usual.

When I get back to the states, I have so much to do but with excitement and gusto!


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