Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Author: Judy Blume

Published by: Random House (1970)

Margaret Ann Simon is eleven going to twelve. Brought up on the Upper West Side, moving to the suburbs of New Jersey was new to her. She meets Nancy Wheeler, the girl who is dying to be grown up and becomes part of the PTS’s – The Pre-teen Sensations along with Gretchen and Janie. The girls have meetings once a week to discuss boys, school, and getting their period. Throughout this time, Margaret talks to God sometimes and is questioning her faith. Not being brought up with any religious affiliation has her questioning and researching. At the end, we see her finally becoming a “woman” and talking to God.

Margaret’s voice was consistent as the eleven year old learning about her body, questioning her faith, and liking boys. I read this when I was about fourteen and was able to relate so much. As an adult, the content is the same but dated. Tweens wouldn’t be able to connect with Margaret and what they do now. However, the main issues and themes are prevalent in a tweens’ world today and for that, it works.


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