E-book reader vs. books

I love the smell of books and feeling the pages as I turn them, especially when they’re good. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of completing a book and turning to the final page.

As for the e-book readers created, I don’t see myself buying one any time soon. However, with my upcoming trip to Europe, I wish I had one. My flight will be about six hours and then a layover for four hours until I reach my destination.

There’s the part of me that is a complete traditionalist, not interested in ever purchasing an e-book reader because I love books too much. Books have something romantic, antiquated, but indistinguishable from an e-book reader. On one of those things, I’ll feel like I’m reading on a computer screen, a magazine article, or a blog in which I skim down when my eyes get lazy. Are more people reading because of the e-readers? I don’t even know.

I think it’s a great device for folks on the go, publishers, agents, and anyone who loves to read. I know someone that received a Kindle as birthday gift but he doesn’t even read that much. I find it interesting how some gadgets are bought for the novelty and not for their functions at times. I won’t even get into the iPad because I am not interested. If I had the Kindle, I might read quicker but then again, I can’t gauge that. I’m a different kind of consumer because I’m not quick to buy gadgets because they sound kool or because everyone else has one. I’m practical; if the gadget has functions that will work for me, I’ll purchase it. If not, why fix something that’s not broken? That’s just me.

Who knows? Maybe in a few months, I’ll get an e-reader. For right now, there’s nothing like the good ol’ fashioned feel of a good book.


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