John Mayer

This past February I went to watch John Mayer perform at Madison Square Garden – after the Playboy article.

My opinion of Mr. Mayer was, “he’s not a very humble person,” due to his reputation in the media. After the article was published (tickets already bought), I thought less of him but still enjoyed his music. Although I felt dirty and ashamed for still liking his music.

The day of the concert came and I had a blast. John is a fantastic guitar player – hands down – no one can refute his talent. I danced, sang along to his songs and enjoyed every single minute.

After the concert, I became obsessed with his music!

The music spoke to me on so many levels I couldn’t explain. I tried to pin down why I listened to John Mayer daily and what his music did to me. I saw him as an artist; he crafted songs the way writers crafted their stories. He starts on one note or chorus and the rest flows from there. Writers may start with a paragraph, idea, or theme and go from there.

I know this isn’t new; artists are inspired differently and they each have their process. Listening to him talk about crafting songs during music specials like VH1’s Storytellers made me relate to him positively that all the “baggage” about him fell away like leaves off a tree, forgotten and washed away into the gutter. I respected him as a fellow artist and I saw his creativity.

Being a person that is never satisfied with a work of art just because someone says, “It’s great!” I do have some criticisms of his music. Aesthetically, I enjoy listening to all of his songs. Lyrically, some songs, specifically on Heavier Things, don’t stand out and fall flat. However, I cannot deny the appeal of hearing this album lying in bed or writing.

When I put his music on to write, I fly through my piece. There are times I get caught up in a favorite song (happens often) and then I get back on track.

His music empowers me; the creativity recorded pushes me to create and do my own thing. I have other artists I listen to when I write like The Postal Service, Radiohead, Dido, Zero 7, Bishop Allen, Bjork and anyone mellowing but John takes the cake.

I don’t know the man, follow him on Twitter, or wish to meet him; I want him to keep creating music and his mouth shut!


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