Shakespeare Garden

Saturday afternoon I visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to visit the cherry blossoms. Being a native Brooklynite, I wondered why it took me so long to visit this wondrous place. The flowers, the trees, and the people were lovely, vibrant, and pleasant.

I took pictures of everything I could until my camera died on me. The weather was perfect for lying under the cherry blossoms esplanade (the only area patrons were allowed to sit on the grass), surrounded by children’s laughter, adults chattering, and couples cuddling.

After I laid out on the grass for what seemed like a long time, my friend and I walked over to the Shakespeare Garden. I wish I was more familiar with his plays but this is great for admirers of the famous playwright. This themed garden had flowers and plants mentioned in his plays; the signs with the relevant quotation or passage were seated next to the plant.

Apparently, this Shakespeare Garden is not the only one that exists in the country or city. Central Park also has a Shakespeare Garden as well as Ohio, South Africa, San Francisco and many more. The plants and flowers were absolutely gorgeous; people who love flowers or gardens, should visit their nearest Botanic Garden or Shakespeare Garden. If anything, lying in the grass on a perfect spring or summer day with a good book, makes it worthwhile.


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