Writing Group

Wednesday evening I had my first ever writing group outside of class. I felt like a real writer; I’m meeting with like-minded folks and talking about writing – and we’re not in class!

My heart is filled with joy with the opportunity to submit works to my classmates or friends (I guess, yeah, they can be friends at this point) who actually write and take writing seriously.

I have a friend that isn’t a writer but would be interested in reading my work. I remembered the last time I showed a friend work for feedback…and that didn’t work out too well. However, in this case, she wants to be familiar with the writer in me. I’m not completely resistant to it but what am I getting out of this? She’s not reading my work to critique and provide feedback; she wants to know me in a different way. Am I being selfish or stubborn for not jumping at the chance to share myself that way with her? Maybe the other friend has burned the bridge of ever letting another close friend read my work, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll send her some random piece I haven’t worked on. I’ll see.

As for my group, I’m disappointed I won’t be present for our next meeting in May but I’m excited to be a part of a writing group. This will motivate to work on a piece for my application submissions!


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