Random Craigslist post

You want a writing gig? Write emails for someone on a dating website! Here’s the info below:

“I recently began an account on match.com and I’m posting here for some help. I implore you to read the ad carefully before you respond. I’m a 25 year old male, and I’m hiring someone to help compose messages for me on match.com. The payment plan is as follows. You will get 6$ for writing up the message and an additional 9$ if the recipient responds to the message within a week. There are dozens and dozens of girls I plan to message, so if I end up selecting you, we can have a steady arrangement. Now this is the tricky part. I’m only posting in this section because I suppose its the most appropriate, categoristically speaking. I mean, the gig involves writing something. HOWEVER, your qualifiedness bears very little on your experience, state of accomplishment, or even skill at formal writing. You have to have a particular knowledge in online dating, of which message-writing is one, but a significant, aspect. Please don’t respond thinking your just a good enough writer and you can wing it as far as the online dating messaging medium is concerned. We’d just be wasting eachother’s time. There’s obviously a lot detail that needs to be talked about here. I plan to have us read each girls’ profile and scrutinize it so that we can tailor each message to the girl in question. We would go over it over the phone. After, if any of the recipients respond, we can talk about perhaps the next step and work out a financial agreement for it. Respond with why you think you can be particular helpful and ask any questions you may have.”


I did Not make this one up, folks. I sporadically read craigslist posts for amusement and found this one in late October last year. I did not respond but I did save for later use like now! I wonder if anyone actually responded to him.


Happy Friday!


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