There’s No Such Thing As a Wasted Story

I like the Writer’s Digest website because of the insightful articles, the writing contests, and the prompts.  The other night, I stumbled upon this simple gem of a piece titled, There’s No Such Thing as a Failed Story.

After reading the piece, I sighed a breath of relief. I’m on the right track. I’m writing, writing, writing…especially on this blog all the time. And I know that all the pieces I produce will end up leading me to the one piece that will knock my own socks off. I’m not there yet but in practicing and reading, I will get to where I need to be.

All the material I’ve been ingesting about writing has provided the motivation and support I need while applying to schools again for next year.  Additionally, all this knowledge makes it easier to pursue this career (you’d think I’d be scared away) but this solidifies my passion for sharing my thoughts with others and creating worlds. I know I have not gone on to write a fictional story since applying (talk about straight up resistance) but I will do it and when I do, ya’ll be the first ones to know. 😉


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