Distraction free writing tools

If you are like me, when you open a screen to write for an allotted amount of time, you find that you’ve pissed the time away surfing the web for something and nothing at the same time. And guess what? Then you do something else because your scheduled time has expired. At least, that’s what it feels like for me.

Below are great tools to help you keep on track whether online or off.

Freedom. This software can lock your internet for up to eight hours so you can get some work done. My memoir writing instructor first mentioned Freedom and I never used it until I found the software online. Apparently, the software was only available for Macs and now Windows users (like myself) have access to this. I have not used the software yet but writer friends have accomplished a lot using it. Oh and it’s free.

Write Or Die. This is a website (and can also be downloaded for a small fee for your computer) that provides you with options to choose how long you want to write and how many words you intend on producing. You write in a blank space once you plug in your numbers (30 minutes for 1,000 words) and you type away. I mostly utilized Write Or Die during the National Novel Writing Month for fulfilling daily word counts. It works! How does this help, you ask? When you stop typing, you either hear extremely irritating music (bad violin playing or Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”) or if you choose the Kamikaze Mode, your work starts erasing because you are not writing. When you are complete, you hear a trumpet and you have an option to save your work after you are done. There was something soothing and empowering about being focused on putting words on the screen until you were finished; I had tunnel vision with every session and I produced a great amount of material on Write or Die. Check it out.

For the distracted writers like myself that constantly find themselves resisting writing when there’s always something online to research, either of these options work. Mostly Freedom though.

Happy distraction free writing!


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