Grammar Rules

My second Copyediting class was an eye-opener.  For one thing, I don’t know if I actually want to pursue this as a freelancer.  Maybe I’m feeling this way because I’m at the beginning stages and you don’t learn a skill overnight.

Here’s what I learned:

An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that describes another noun.  Example: U.S. president Obama.  The appositive is the U.S.

A squinting modifier is a word that may or may not be describing two things in a sentence except for one. Example: Make sure you get the cookbook from the store that is red. Red could be describing cookbook or store which is why this is corrected during a copyedit.

Ellipses have different rules.  The three part ellipses […] is used in the middle of a sentence when sections aren’t included. However, you use four periods [….] when you use one at the end of the sentence because the last one is a period.

Learn something new, everyday, huh? I never ever knew that and now I do…and you do too!

Until the next grammar lesson!


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