This weekend, I met my one of my friend’s parents and his mother was simply lovely, inspiring, and supportive!  Much more supportive than my parents have ever been with my dreams of writing.

She said something that resonated with me but I’m on the fence on how to take the advice.  Publishing isn’t a money-making industry and she asked if the salary I’d have would be able to support me to live on my own, buy and do the things I want, and also live comfortably.  My response was no.  Her reply was, “Then it’s a hobby and hobbies don’t pay.”

I get that her message was not to sell myself short but also with the mentality of financial security down the line.  I completely understood that.  In writing this down and sharing with the world how I feel about that statement, I’m not on board with the sentiment and that’s okay.  I’d rather be struggling and happy than comfortable and miserable.  Been there, done that.  The goal is to have a career that I love and also make a decent salary.  This is completely possible but I have to decide what a “career that I love” and a “decent salary” looks like to me first.  Creative visualization is a wonderful tool to make your dreams come true.

I’m completely in the vicinity of getting everything I want; I have to work harder now to fully realize my dreams.  The payoff will be totally worth it in the end.


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