Informational interview

Early May, I will be meeting with a production editor at Simon & Schuster to discuss the industry, her department, and her journey there.

Since I have recently been laid off from a job that wasn’t satisfying my soul anyway, now is the time to take action and go for what I want – to work in publishing.  Who says I can’t do both writing and this? 

I will have some questions for her and of course, a re-vamped resume to leave with her for any advice or ahem, maybe to pass the it along to someone in HR?  But mostly, for advice.  I can’t wait to speak to someone in the industry!  I feel like every time I get back in the game, great things happen.  This is how synchronicity feels like – and I haven’t even applied to any jobs yet!  I do have about five or six jobs I will applying to soon but I need a new resume And a new suit.  Got to look professional!  Very, very important.

Until then, I’m off to write and read like a maniac!


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