Bringing work home

I brought home requested submissions to evaluate and this brings me joy.  Not only am I taking work home but I’m feeling like I’m a part of this company.  I don’t know how long I’ll be there (until I get a job) and if I’ll ever discover a new writer!  I want to though.  It’s so hard to read these submissions that are well-written, query is polished but the material isn’t marketable.  Or the story isn’t novel enough that a publishing house will want to distribute the work.

As a writer, I feel guilty that I don’t have the opportunity to provide feedback to these authors about their work when I reject them.  This is how I’ll be feeling once I get in the game.  Right now, I’m the announcer, not the participant yet.

I’ll get there soon. 

I wish the best to all the authors out there; its a tough game out there but give it your best shot!


One response to “Bringing work home

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    I remember when I started my professional job and carried a briefcase home. I felt so important, (and I was, as you are!) It sounds like you have a fun “job” that might lead to a real job!
    Lindsey Petersen

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