One more to go

I called up the University of San Francisco and flat out asked about the status of my application.  I was not accepted which was saddening but I already knew I wasn’t getting in.  The person I spoke to was very nice about it and I didn’t feel terrible or let down.  I read my own work so I knew the end result.

Then I called up the last school I’m waiting to hear from – San Diego State University – and they told me they wouldn’t let me know until April 23rd.  What..the…frak.  Seriously?  That late in the month?  Whatever.  I wanted USF the whole time and I didn’t get in so I’m done.  Next! 

I’m going to Greece, I’m taking a copyediting class, I love my internship, I’m applying to publishing jobs, I’m learning how to play tennis and golf, I’m going to watch two concerts in July and…I’m going to have a great summer!  I have many things lined up so I won’t be wallowing in my sorrow.

I can’t front – even with the rejections, my head is still high and when I apply again for next fall, my writing will be much stronger.

Presently, research low residency programs, scholarships, and other MFA programs. 


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