John Mayer

This past February I went to watch John Mayer perform at Madison Square Garden – after the Playboy article. My opinion of Mr. Mayer was, “he’s not a very humble person,” due to his reputation in the media. After the article was published (tickets already bought), I thought less of him but still enjoyed his […]

Online researching

I spent three hours (or more) researching the international publishers for The Secret. What was particularly frustrating was that each website link to the other country was in a different language. How am I supposed to understand what means “publisher” in Danish, French, Korean, or Japanese? And the Japanese and Korean websites have characters that […]


Two years ago, I made the intention to read 1,000 books in less than ten years. This meant reading 100 books every year. Because life got in the way, I have only reached forty four books read this year in total. This means on average, I’ve read twenty books a year. This is a very […]

Latest Copyediting Class

Monday evening, we reviewed our homework assignments in which we had to create a style guide for a piece we had to edit. A style guide is a reference guide a copyeditor creates for his or herself while editing a piece. This reference guide includes word consistency like the spelling of a name like Ashley […]

Shakespeare Garden

Saturday afternoon I visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to visit the cherry blossoms. Being a native Brooklynite, I wondered why it took me so long to visit this wondrous place. The flowers, the trees, and the people were lovely, vibrant, and pleasant. I took pictures of everything I could until my camera died on me. […]