Library Thing

I discovered this neat website that allows readers to catalogue their books online – like a library!  The website is literally called Library Thing

The concept is simple – you add your books online that you own are reading, can write a review for it, read reviews, connect with other readers, connect with authors, and then some.  There are other websites like The Book Reporter and Good Reads that have the similar concept but I like Library Thing because of the Early Reviewer section.

This feature provides readers like you, the opportunity to receive free books prior to the publication release.  These books are distributed by the publishing houses but there are limited copies of each book and many requests.  This is like a lottery; you can request more than one free book but there’s no guarantee that you will receive it.  I requested a few myself for the first time so I’ll see if I “win” a book.  Additionally, readers and authors give away books in the section called Member Giveaway.  The books are still free but sometimes the author or person requests a review upon finishing the novel.  It’s not always required but this is gently recommended.  Not bad for a free book.

I wanted to share this website because I enjoy it and I want others to enjoy it as well!

Check it out!


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