Two remaining schools

Last night, I received a rejection email from San Francisco State University.  I would have received this email before but this freak (me) actually misspelled my last name on the damn online application.  I kept receiving emails insisting my application was incomplete, which was untrue.  I got on the horn last week to remedy the situation and things were fixed.  In a week, I was rejected.  Now I’m waiting on the remaining two so I can get on with my life.

I researched further into the Writer’s Institute and actually had a conversation with the director of the program.  This certificate is not for folks still trying to learn the craft; this program is specifically geared to those who may or may not have degrees, are skilled, may or may not have been published but need the guidance from editors and how to get their work out there.  I’m not there yet.  Not even close!  But at least I know that’s an option.  Additionally, they don’t have financial aid for the one year certificate program.  Their tuition may not seem like much for one year but for someone without that steady income, that’s a big chunk of change to shell out that I cannot afford.  I won’t be applying but at least I’m thinking about options.  I see myself possibly being a workshop instructor or working in publishing – basically anything with words.  The difference here is that publishing is about the business of selling words while being an instructor helps the writer improve creatively.  I have to decide which tract to take.  The signs will show me and then I will follow them.

Surprisingly, I have an inkling that USF might accept me but its a hunch that I don’t think exists – could be complete wishful thinking.

Meanwhile, I’ll be writing, reading, and waiting…


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