Writing Group and things

My memoir writing class is over and I’m going to miss my Tuesdays with my instructor.  However, because the class’s chemistry worked so well, we have decided to create our own writing group which I cannot wait for!  I’ve never been a part of a writing group before so this will be a new thing.  Not only will I be motivated to continue writing after the class is over but I’ll be surrounded by writers that are as dedicated to their craft as well.  This is exactly the kind of group that will be helpful during my final three rejections (I know what’s up, I’m not gonna front) which will be a reminder of how much my writing has grown since I applied (which feels like it was ages ago). 

On the rejection front, remember the classmate that was accepted to the Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa?  It will sound like I’m hating on her (which I’m not because I didn’t want to apply to Iowa – the frak am I gonna do out there anyway?),  but she shared with us how the school reneged on the funding they promised her which is messed up.  What I don’t understand is how such a reputable school known for providing full funding during the three year MFA program would pull such a stunt?  Does this happen every year and is this a ploy to have her reject their offer?  I would hate to be in the position to pass up an opportunity to work in a concentrated environment because I couldn’t afford it.  I want this to work out for her because its the University of Iowa – a really good school and if she was accepted, then her writing will only get that much better. 

As for me, I haven’t heard word from any schools.  I called up both San Diego University and San Francisco State University which both told me they don’t know when the Creative Writing department will start notifying students.  I told the Admission folks, “Can you just tell me if I’m in or out so I can move on with my life?”  They laughed me off and apologized for not knowing.  I hate this waiting.  Luckily, my eventful birthday month (coming to a close soon) has kept me in high spirits as well as planning a vacation in May and visiting a friend of over a decade in Dallas.  I can’t complain; my life has been effervescent and gleeful since the beginning of the year.  Yes, I’ve had my ups and downs (we all do) but I’m not depressed and I’m still writing, which is very important.

I look forward to my writing group and my future because man, the light is so bright, it’s hurting my eyes!


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