Writer’s Book of Days

I bought this amazing book by Judy Reeves called A Writer’s Book of Days which is like The Artist’s Way for writers.  The chapters contain inspirational quotes and the most salient part of this book?  There’s a writing prompt for each day. 

For example, on March 22nd the prompt is: Write about taking the long way around.

This book has kept me writing every day and churning out new pieces of work for fiction and non-fiction.  I am completely entranced and enrolled in doing every (most) prompt of this book.  I have already missed a few days but every day will be new, which I appreciate and enjoy. 

There are also many websites with writing prompts which I have listed for your convenience below:

Writer’s Digest Blog

Writer’s Digest Writing Prompts

Creative Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts Links


The internet is my kryptonite so for me, I find that writing using the simple tools of pen and paper work for me best.  Sure, I can type very quickly but I become distracted easily (my putzing around problem) so the less distraction, the better.  Writing for ten to fifteen minutes each day has made the future look much clearer for me in my writing life. 

I can’t wait to see what I do next!

On to writing I go…


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