Three left…

Yesterday afternoon I received a rejection letter from the University of Arizona.  Every time I receive a letter from a school, I assume “rejection.”  But here’s the thing: I’m already past this.  To me, I’ve already been rejected from the rest of the schools (even though one school keeps sending me incomplete application status, its so frakking annoying!) and I’m fine with that.

I was able to read my submission with the same attention a department member would and its not MFA material at this time.  I accept that and I’m glad that I can recognize that I have room to improve.  My writing has improved and flourished since I applied which is apparent with the work I’ve been creating lately (memoir mostly). 

I’m already looking into a certificate program at the Graduate’s Center called The Writer’s Institute which is an intense one year program.  I read about the program on the Mediabistro website.  They call themselves the Un-MFA program.  Application deadline is April 15th so I need to get up on it. 

My head is in a good place now.  With this writer’s institute, what I have to decide now is if I want to apply to take courses in fiction or non-fiction.  My heart knows what it wants so I’ll follow wherever it takes me.

Bring on the letters, for crying out loud, so I can move on with my life! 😛


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