Author: S.G. Browne

Published by: Broadway Books (2009)

Andy Warner is a thirty something zombie which has become part of the undead community in Santa Cruz.  There are no reasons for why some folks reanimate and why others die and stay dead but this fact makes for a hilarious ride from beginning to end.

He attends Undead Anonymous meetings with a cast of characters in which we learn how each one of them died. Jerry, the one who becomes Andy’s BFF, got in a car accident in which his scalp is exposed.  In the duration of the novel, he offers folks to touch his scalp as a novelty.

In the Undead Anonymous group, he fancies Rita, the sexy undead chick.  Love in the undead world?  Yes, it goes there.  And its oh so fun!

Divulging too many details would ruin the novel for most so I’ll stop there.

I don’t remember the last time I laughed and chuckled so much while reading a novel.  There are so many great one-liners!

Examples: “If you’ve never been staked down on the side of a hill and left out to rot at a research facility for human decay, then you probably wouldn’t understand.”; “If you’ve never seen someone get his arm torn out of his socket by a gang of drunk college frat boys who slapped you in the face with his own hand, then you probably wouldn’t understand.”

This novel was fun, engaging and a very quick read.  There are a few elements that are not explained towards the end of the novel which bothers me but not as much because 85% of the rest was so enjoyable.

I recommend to all who enjoy funny, horror, and supernatural stories.


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